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Technology Initiatives

Rhythm, Flow and Connection
Technology is valuable only insofar as the user’s capacity to manipulate and understand the “tools-at-large.” The tools purchased for and utilized by our educators enhance student/teacher “coalescence” or “rhythm” and inevitably, supports learning in the classroom.

Here’s how it works:
The wisdom behind all technological investments by REF is both tested and then proven in the real world. REF trusts the “instinct” of the investment: the dollars directly invested in our public schools translates into user compliance, satisfaction and then ultimately, “flow” of and toward creative innovation.

It doesn’t take long to validate the “connection” made:
The Role Of Social Networks. Currently, we experience the first full-blown generation of “student enthusiasts” (our children) organically attuned to the internet’s extensive opportunies for social evolution and revolution. Together students and teachers help design how they learn! Truly a 21st century concept. And when introduced in the classroom setting, by a knowledgeable, well-trained teacher whom is interested in this, synergy and “trust” happens; purpose, immediacy solidifies the lesson…a win-win for both parties.
i-PODS serve in the classroom. Sharing valuable educational podcasts and lectures from schools and places from around the world, once seemingly impossible locations to connect to, are now available and accessible. Students and teachers can integrate both textbook and cultural behavior with immediate access and upload documents, books, ideas. Students real-time can test their knowledge and assess for themselves what they experience through peer-generated content. It offers vital and live points of view, not just interpreted sources.
SMARTboards. Help that student who sits in the back of the classroom to finally interact with what’s going on in the front of the classroom. Classroom work and ideas can be “captured” for perpetuity---saved and “eboarded”. The classroom is more engaging because SMARTboard technology connects to the internet and draws upon endless sources. SMARTboards help learning: visually, kinesthetically, auditorily, and emotionally.

There will be more to come as new technology evolves.

REF looks forward to your feedback (info@reddingeducationfoundation.org)

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