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Kids Give Back

Help kids learn the value of philanthropy by giving most directly to their community.

Is your student looking for the perfect gift to give to his/her inspiring teacher at holiday or year end celebrations?
Is your child having a birthday party or bar mitzvah? Perhaps your child would prefer naming REF as a recipient
   for his or her special occasion?
Would your child like to honor his/her teacher with a donation to REF?

Here's how it works
All donations will be used to support innovative educational initiatives within the Redding public schools.

For those gifts honoring teachers
Step 1) A child makes a donation to REF in the name of their teacher. It couldn't be simpler: Click on DONATE NOW and follow the instructions. REF automatically receives the gift wish.

A REF representative will surprise the honored teacher with the gift certificate. (Please note: Due to Board of Education policy, donations honoring teachers may only be up to a maximum of $25.)

Step 2) You choose your certificate style from the selections offered here:
1. Birthday
2. For a Teacher
3. Generic
4. Holiday

(additional templates will be posted later)
Just submit the form below:

Donor Name:  
Donor Email Address:  
Recipient Name:  
Certificate Number:  

For kids celebrating milestones
If a child would like to name REF as a designated charity in lieu of gifts, follow these simple steps:

Follow steps one and two above.
REF will receive automatic confirmation.
Your child can surprise the honored teacher with the gift certificate.

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