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(Grants for the Enhancement of Educational Practice)

To effect change is the essence of teaching. It is a goal and at the same time, a real source of our personal fulfillment. Each year the young lives placed in the teacher's care is forever altered as they grow in knowledge and stature. An ever-growing cache of potential tools and methods available are revolutionizing the ability for teachers to create greater efficiencies and depth of learning.

An educator might ask:

In this sea of instruments, both intellective and technological, are there some that can lead to more knowledge and better understanding?

Are there programs that can provide the means to make it possible to realize the depth and beauty of Shakespeare more expeditiously?

 Perhaps there is a practice that helps solve a high order polynomial equation more quickly?

Grants for the Enhancement of Educational Practice are designed to encourage such exploration at every grade level.

The Foundation supports the teacher in answering these questions in the classroom and beyond. For a modest grant of $2,000, GEEP promotes innovation that leads to excellence. In a real sense, this is for the teacher: a very special exercise of academic freedom.

Please refer to our GRANTS FUNDED page to review what REF has funded OR if you are interested in applying for a grant, refer to the APPLY link.

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