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Your Help is Needed


If you'd like to volunteer your time, effort or special talents, please email us at: info@reddingeducationfoundation.org.

The following volunteer committees are currently being formed and would welcome your help:

The Greenhouse Committee: Composed of 6 members, the Greenhouse committee would be charged with researching the feasibility, use, construction and maintenance costs, timetable to operation. A recommendation would be requested by Feb-March to include an action plan, budget and funding proposal.

The Technology Committee: The ad hoc advisory committee would have technically competent members to review all REF technology purchases. Their charge would include seeking advice on specialized projects and equipment purchases.

Cultural Arts: The Cultural Arts Committee would have broad responsibilities including the development of annual programs, grant initiatives, and culturally based fundraising. Included within the committee responsibilities would be The Wire Mill Arts Foundation, Grants to School and community arts programs, program execution, and fundraising and sponsorship for program initiatives.

Development Committee: The Development Committee is charged with raising the capital necessary for REF approved projects. Development shall manage the REF donor base, newsletters/ appeals, corporate sponsorship, and special campaigns. Subcommittees reporting to the Development Chair could consist of the newsletter, technical, and campaign specific committees.

Outreach: The outreach committee shall manage the website, REF calendar and public relations for REF. This committee shall coordinate with all committees involved in public outreach.

Program Committees shall be established for all REF projects and programs including GEEP, Brain Based Learning, After School Enrichment, and others as they arise.

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