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About the Redding Education Foundation

Our Mission:
The Redding Education Foundation is dedicated to mobilizing and enhancing opportunities to promote educational excellence so that the Redding community may better experience the fulfillment of learning at every age.

Our Vision:

Partner to Promote Educational Excellence Through Innovation
REF will partner with schools, community members and local organizations to achieve a shared vision of educational excellence though innovation. REF will invest in community, educational and cultural arts initiatives that go beyond the scope of town budgets.

Inspire the Joy of Lifelong Learning
REF investment in intellectual and technological innovation will make learning more effective and efficient across generations while celebrating our respected educators' passion and professional excellence.

An Informed and Responsible Steward
REF works diligently to be informed about the best and latest research and educational practices nationwide to responsibly allocate funds where they will have greatest impact.

Garner Community Trust
Through strong partnerships, responsible and informed investments, and tangible benefits for the community, REF seeks to attract its abundant resources and expertise for its community initiatives. REF is an all-volunteer board of community members who contribute their time, talent and treasury to support REF's work.

A Community of Excellence
REF's vision will enhance Redding's reputation as a preferred community in which to educate and live.

Serve Beyond our Borders
REF aspires to be a model for other communities seeking to promote educational excellence.

Alice Smith, President
Kate Ebbott,  Founder & VP
Kurt Streams, Treasurer & CPA
Paul Losacco, Fundraising
Robert Moran, Technology
Vin Rosa, Webmaster

Ex. Officio
Dr. Michael Cicchetti, Superintendent
Marie Mas, Assistant Superintendent
   & Director of Curriculum
Sandra VanAusdal
Advisory Board
David Anderson
Diane Di Costanzo
Joseph Dolan
Susan Dorenbosch
Lynn Eichhorn
Sue Goldman
Patsy King
John Mahoney
Katie Sadowski
Nick Simeonidis
Catherine Slavin
Siobhan Streams
Alan Tackman
Dr. Allen Fossbender, Past Superintendent
P.O. Box 183, Redding, CT 06896  |  info@reddingeducationfoundation.org  |  203-938-1411
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